no longer “eBay Top-rated Seller” status

Sept 26 2011 (US local time)

Due to low activity on selling and less than $1k monthly revenue on eBay, I’m no longer assigned as eBay Top-rated seller. Pretty sure there alot of Indonesian seller who’s going to keep their top-rated or at least power-seller status by increasing monthly revenue and total sales on eBay, I’m just the one who falling.

Hi Febryan,

Unfortunately, your account no longer meets the eBay Top-rated seller requirements under the US seller performance standards program. To learn more, go to your Seller Dashboard.

Visit your Seller Dashboard and review the Top-rated seller and PowerSeller requirements and see how your eBay business measures up.

Thank you again for selling on eBay. We hope to welcome you back to Top-rated seller status soon.

No longer Top-seller eBay

Well, I wish I could find new easy ways to achieve top-rated seller status sooner or later.

See ya!

Allahu A'lam. Allah Maha Mengetahui.
Semua kesalahan yang ada di blog ini datangnya dari kesalahan dan lalainya manusia (saya sendiri), mohon koreksinya kalau dirasa ada yang salah.

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    Keep spirit!

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