I’m becoming a PowerSeller eBay member

As today (19-Nov-2010), my eBay membership has been upgraded to be a Bronze PowerSeller. Yeah, I’m glad that I reach this achievement. Actually, my eBay accounts (this one, and the other one) almost becoming PowerSeller, or even Top-rated seller last month, until a suspension came and messed up. The other one was suspended for 1 year, while this one was suspended for 30-days. Lucky that I’m still having this one, to keep selling and make money on eBay.

By the way,
What is a PowerSeller?
PowerSellers achieved eBay requirements for sales volume, customer satisfaction, policy compliance, and account standing and are rewarded with exclusive benefits to recognize their contributions to the success of the eBay Community!

PowerSeller requirements
PowerSeller benefits

Oh yea! I’m getting closer to be a Top-Rated Seller. \:D/

Allahu A'lam. Allah Maha Mengetahui.
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