Sugar Glider for Sale for Chicago Area

If you are looking for a sugar glide for sale in Chicago, US area, you may continue to see this item for sale information: I’m selling 2 sugar gliders. They are young sugar gliders, about 6 months and 9 months old. Look up the sugar glider BML diet for simple and nutritious glider chow. I […]

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PayPal Mass Payment

Cancelling PayPal “Mass Pay” payment

I sent out a Mass Payment on today and then I realized that I sent payment to the wrong email address. The payment status is unclaimed because the recipient is non-existing PayPal user. According to paypal help center, you can cancel payment that you have already sent (limited to unclaimed payments only) — quote — […]

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The Making of Coconut Sugar

The Making of Coconut Sugar Coconut sugar plantation. Sap yield varies from tree to tree, spadix to spadix, day to day, season to season, time of collection, and location. With proper management it is now possible to have two products from a single spadix, sugar and nuts. Tapping of sap using bamboo receptacles Volume of […]

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Harvesting Coconut Sap

Tapping the Coconut Sap

Coconut palms are one of the oldest flowering trees in the world. For centuries throughout the tropics, the traditional practice of “tapping” coconut trees for their prized “sap” is a time-honored art form. The nutrient-rich sap that exudes from the blossoms before they mature into coconuts, is used to make many unique and nutritious food […]

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Gula Merah Kelapa

Coconuts Palm Sugar’s Nutrition Facts (Health Benefits)

Health Benefits of Coconuts Palm Sugar Published inCoco Palm Sugar Coco Sap Sugar Coco Sugar Health Information Nutritive value of coconut palm sugar The Philippine Food and Nutrition Research Institute released the following information about their analysis of nutritive values found in coconut palm sugar Nutrition Facts of coconut palm sugar The Philippine Food and […]

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